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Iris Colvin award 2018
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Women’s Forum Northern Ireland


The Iris Colvin Lifetime Achievement Award



Award :  This would be presented in recognition of the lifetime achievement of a woman in service, dedication and commitment to one or more of the following categories:




Public Life


Community/Voluntary Service




·                To recognise the contribution of women to society.

·                To promote the role of women and strengthen links between organisations.

·                To acknowledge how a woman has been a role model and inspired others around her.

·                To mark outstanding achievement at a personal level through service to others.

·                To acknowledge passion, drive and energy in what a woman has done in her lifetime.

·                To highlight inspirational leadership.

·                To provide encouragement to other women.

·                To show the commitment and dedication of a woman to aspects of life and citizenship outside her own family.

·                To celebrate success.




Since this is a lifetime achievement award certain criteria will be applied:


·                It would be most unusual for the award to be made to anyone who has not served at least 25 years of service in one or more of the specified categories of service.

·                There must be demonstrable evidence of lengthy service above and beyond the normal commitment to, and requirements of, at least one category of service.

·                An honour already bestowed should not influence the panel in either direction.

·                The permission of a nominee must be obtained before the submission of the nomination form.

·                Nominations can only be accepted on the official form.  All details must be included in the Nomination Form.  No additional information can be added or supplied after the closing date.

·                The nomination can be made by a constituent organisation, or member, including Associate and Individual members, of Women’s Forum Northern Ireland.

·                The nominee will be expected to have shown inspirational leadership, been a role model and/or mentor, successfully served an organisation, given exemplary commitment and dedication over many years and be recognised as a pioneer in at least one field.

·                The judges’ decision is final

·                In the event that a judge should herself be nominated as a candidate for the award, she will be required to step aside from the process for that year.  A replacement judge will be provided by Women’s Form Northern Ireland.




·                The nomination can be made by a constituent organisation or by a member of Women’s Forum Northern Ireland, including Associate and Individual members.

·                Nominations for this award must be made by completing and returning the official Nomination Form available from the Forum’s Chairperson.

·                The nomination includes a reasoned, written citation which must not exceed 300 words.

·                The Nomination Form must contain relevant details of lifetime achievement, together with appropriate dates.

·                The names and addresses of 2 additional persons to whom reference can be made, must be included.

·                The Nomination Form must arrive not later than 12 noon on the last Friday in October of the year prior to the award (eg October 2017 for award in March 2018).

·                Any previous overall winner of the award may not be nominated again for the award.

·                The Chairperson of the Women’s Forum Northern Ireland cannot be nominated for the award during her term of office.



The Nomination Form should be addressed to:


The Iris Colvin Lifetime Achievement Award Committee

c/o The Chairperson

Women’s Forum Northern Ireland

The Agāpé Centre

238-266 Lisburn Road






·                Once the nominations have been received and the closing date has passed, a panel, appointed by Women’s Forum Executive Committee, will meet to consider the nominations and prepare a short list, as appropriate.

·                The shortlisted nominees will be notified if required to attend for interview.  Otherwise the selection of an award winner will be executed in total confidence and according to the specified criteria.

·                Shortlisted candidates will be notified in advance and invited to attend the Award Ceremony at the Biennial Friendship Luncheon.

The Iris Colvin Lifetime Achievement Award


Nomination Form


Name of Nominee:










Telephone No:


Email Address:







Nominated by:









Telephone No:                                               Email Address:



Position in Organisation:

(if applicable)



Name of Organisation:






Email Address:



Please complete for each nomination in any category.  Please separate professional career from voluntary activities.


Details of Career, Positions Held and Dates:





Details of Community/Voluntary/Business/Public Sector with appropriate dates:






Provide a Reasoned Citation as to why the Nominee should be considered for the Award (maximum 300 words).  Bullet points alone not acceptable.
































Name:                                                                         Name:


Address:                                                                    Address:




Telephone No:                                                         Telephone No:


Email:                                                                         Email:










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